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Braces may also be used if your teeth are straight, but do not meet correctly. This may occur because of genetics, an injury, or thumb sucking. If your child needs an orthodontic treatment your dentist may recommend traditional braces. Not only will braces provide a nice smile, but they can help to prevent some of the following conditions:

Traditional Braces for Kids Between 6 and 18

As a child ages, abnormal bites usually become more noticeable between 6 and 12. Most braces are fitted between the ages of 8 and 14, but children as young as 6 may be fitted for braces if their dentist feels they would benefit from them. While anyone at any age can be fitted for braces, optimal results are achieved by treating the child while he or she is still growing.

Today’s Traditional Braces are More Comfortable and Effective

Pressure is used to realign the teeth with traditional braces. Small brackets are cemented to your teeth and connected by a wire. This wire is periodically tightened by your doctor to shift your jaw and teeth. Brackets may be tooth colored or metal, and may be placed behind the teeth. Most children wear braces for one to three years depending on the severity of their condition. After the braces are removed a retainer is worn for time to help hold the teeth in their new position. Today braces are more comfortable and new materials are used which require less adjustments.

After Care for Traditional Braces

Teeth may be sore for a day or two after the placement of braces, this is normal. While wearing braces, it is important to brush and floss regularly to remove food debris and bacteria. Avoid hard foods like ice, hard candy, and whole apples. Also, avoid very sticky foods. Be sure to keep up on adjustment appointments. This will give the doctor a chance to monitor your progress and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Your doctor may also have additional recommendations and instructions for you to follow.

Not everyone is born with straight teeth, but with today’s orthodontic solutions you and your children can have the best smile possible. Call or contact the Dental Studio today and ask about traditional braces for children.

Ross Koeppen

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