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Whether it’s misalignment, gaps, or overcrowding, braces can fix a variety of problems with the teeth and bite. And when your family dentist can both place and care for braces, it makes your life easier. That’s just what Dr. Dubravko Pavlin at Dental Studio wants to do. That’s why he offers his patients braces and other orthodontics at his Buda, Texas, office.

Braces Q & A

Why are braces important?

While many people see braces as a cosmetic device, improving your smile is not the only reason to get them. Braces improve your oral health and allow your teeth to stay healthier and last longer.

When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it’s harder to get a thorough brushing. After teeth are straightened with braces, brushing and flossing become easier and more effective. Braces can also reduce the pain associated with TMJ and correct misaligned bites that result in jaw and head pain.

Who should get braces?

Anyone who has misaligned teeth can get braces. Although they’re often associated with adolescents and teenagers, many adults decide to get braces as well. Braces may be appropriate if you have:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Large gaps
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Bite issues

Dr. Dubravko Pavlin may also recommend braces for those who experience jaw pain with TMJ or have headaches due to issues in their bite.

What types of braces and orthodontics are offered?

Dr. Dubravko Pavlin offers his patients a variety of teeth straightening options. During an initial consult and examination, the doctor discusses the best treatment option for your specific case.

Traditional metal braces are used with rubber bands to rearrange teeth slowly. With these braces, Dr. Dubravko Pavlin uses metal brackets cemented to the teeth and connected by a metal wire that he tightens every few weeks to put pressure on the teeth and gums. Depending on your specific needs, this process typically takes anywhere from one to two years.

He also works with patients who use Realine™ Accelerated Braces. This five-step program uses clear aligners to straighten teeth that are crowded or have gaps. Dr. Dubravko Pavlin fits you for the liner, which is worn all the time except when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. Every two to three months, the aligner is changed, creating more pressure for the teeth to move.

If you’re interested in braces or orthodontics to straighten your teeth, contact Dr. Dubravko Pavlin 's office. You can even schedule an appointment online and save some time. Do it today; your smile will thank you.